2Dsearch: new release (Feb 2022)


Delighted to announce a new release of 2Dsearch, with various improvements including new preferences with options for snap-to-grid, advanced query parsing and default databases. We’ve also integrated the latest version of PolyGlot and fixed the query parser bug which so many of you raised.

What this means is that you can now use 2Dsearch to execute a single visual search across a dozen different databases and benefit from automated translations for many more. We’ve also made further improvements to the user experience and now provide example searches for each of the databases.

We’ve lots more planned for the next release, so if you’d like to help shape this or have comments or suggestions then please let us know.

Originally published at https://www.2dsearch.com on February 15, 2022.



Tony Russell-Rose

Technology innovator with extensive experience in search and information retrieval. PhD in AI / NLP. Specialist skills in user experience, HCI and human factors