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  • Fabio Chiusano

    Fabio Chiusano

    Head of Data Science at Digitiamo — Top Medium writer in Artificial Intelligence

  • Farhad


    The Proper Information Scientist with a Pinch of Career and Life Lessons

  • Robert Dale

    Robert Dale

    Principal Consultant at the Language Technology Group, a company that provides unbiased advice on Natural Language Processing solutions.

  • Simon Katan

    Simon Katan

    Digital artist and educator — I work with hidden mechanisms, emergent behaviour, paradox, self-reference, inconsistency, abstract humour, absurdity and wonder.

  • elvis


    ML & NLP Researcher | Twitter: (https://twitter.com/omarsar0)

  • Buster Benson

    Buster Benson

    Author of Why Are We Yelling? — a book about the art of productive disagreement. I run 750words.com. Previously product at Patreon, Slack, Twitter, and Amazon.

  • Richard Marr

    Richard Marr

    Occasional outragious claims. Moderate or good. Founded @BeApplied, @HeyGuevara. Formerly @Justgiving. Invented A/B testing.

  • Kavita Ganesan

    Kavita Ganesan

    Author of The Business Case For AI | AI Strategist, Consultant & Advisor | Learn More: Kavita-Ganesan.com or AIBusinessCaseBook.com

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